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Satinder Dhillon, Canadian, Adviser, Activist Receives Award

Satinder Dhillon has been recognized as one of the Jewels of Punjab and was named as one of the Top 100 Global Punjabi Personalities in the world.  He is 39 years old and he grew up in a small farming community in Canada. He attended Simon Fraser University and the University of the Fraser Valley. He was just 19 years old and a little more than halfway through completing a degree in Business Administration, when he was offered a job at HSBC Finance (formerly known as HFC), as a loans officer.

Within 90 days of working at this job, became their number one employee in western Canada. He then went on to work for Canada’s largest credit union. Becoming one of the youngest Financial Services Officers in its history. Always the entrepreneur, he began purchasing real estate at a young age and trading stocks as a teen.

At 19 years old he purchased a commercial/residential property with a partner. Backed by Penmore Investments, and Vector Capital, they took on a mortgage of over $1.1 million, and he made his first major foray into real estate, (one of the tenants was Starbucks Coffee Company). He has worked as a fundraiser for nonprofits including Greenpeace, Red Cross, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and PBS among others. Dhillon left working for Canada’s largest credit union, in his early twenties, and traveled around the world in search of business opportunities outside of British Columbia and outside of Canada. He has since learned much about the business world, corruption, white collar crimes and how different things are out there, compared to the little farming community he grew up in. Dhillon has financed mining, real estate, and many other projects.
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Later, Satinder Dhillon helped fund the precursor to YouTube, (Intertooob), and other tech ventures, along with co-founding a record label with Josue Sejour, (Sejour Dhillon Records (SDR). Dhillon is currently writing a book about his experiences in the business world and a movie is being made about the historic freedom of speech case he fought. More info: http://timesofcanadapresents.blogspot.ca/ http://satinderdhillonmovie.blogspot.ca/


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Top 100 Global Punjabi Personalities – Jewels of Punjabi

Emerging Leader Award

Binti Ambassador


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